Allplan Share 3 month

Allplan Share

Allplan Share makes collaboration easier!

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Allplan Share makes collaboration easier!
With Allplan Share and Allplan 2018, you can benefit from directly collaborating on the same Allplan data with planning partners all over the world. Allplan Share is based on the BIM platform Allplan Bimplus. Allplan Share not only reduces your administrative work but also helps you avoid extra cost, as you do not need to buy and maintain a local server. The data on Allplan Share are available to all those involved anytime, anyplace.

The quantity is releating to user license quantity.

The price refers to a term of 3 months.

You can cancel Allplan Share one month before the term expires.

Functions Allplan Share
Notice period 1 month
Requirements Allplan 2018 or higher Architecture/Engineering, Bimplus Freemium
Storage 100 GB per user license, assignment to the Bimplus Team
* Free shipping, plus VAT ** Electronic service